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Brooks Firestone

Brooks FirestoneBrooks Firestone was born in 1936, the son of Leonard Firestone and Grandson of Harvey Firestone, founder of the Firestone Tire Company. He lived most of his early years in Southern California, graduating from Columbia University and serving in the U. S. Army.

In 1958, Brooks married Catherine Boulton, a member of the English Royal Ballet. In fifty four years of marriage they have raised four children and now enjoy thirteen grandchildren. After twelve years of working in the Firestone Tire Company, Brooks and the young family moved to the Santa Ynez Valley, California, to found the Firestone Vineyard, the first winery in the area and an inspiration for a now world renowned wine region. During his vineyard career, Brooks served as a Santa Barbara County Supervisor and member of the California State Assembly. In 2012, now inactive in politics and with the award winning winery business sold, the couple are enjoying an active retirement life.

In recent years, the couple have pursued a serious choral singing career that has given them many interesting singing opportunities around the world. Recently, Brooks authored a book, “Evensong,” relating their choral experiences and demonstrating how a shared passion can bring great rewards to couples.