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A New Biographical Memoir by Brooks Firestone

Evensong, by Brooks Firestone, is a book about Brooks and his wife, Kate, entering into retirement years and finding a new passion in choral singing. For a couple who did not sing before their mid sixties, their new avocation brought them great pleasure and a vital new life. The choral adventures of the story take them from Santa Barbara to Montreal, England, Italy, Spain and Austria, singing with many groups and in historic locations.

Evensong, the late day service of the Anglican and Episcopal church, is both a setting to sing and a metaphor of their time of life. Retirement years have brought them an engagement that they recommend, in some form, to everyone in their senior years, and is also thought provoking for younger readers.

The book illustrates that finding an active pursuit and occupation in later years is as important as financially providing for that time of life. Both finances and a full life need early planning. As written, it is not a “how to” book, but a “how we did it” saga that is both engaging in their musical adventures and thought provoking in their life discovery.

The musical anecdotes, singing adventures, philosophy and personal stories in the book make fascinating reading and are recommended for all who are or will be retired and who will be looking for action.